A Friend’s Work… Edub Poetry

“Til Lights Lost

by Eric Willets


My heart is frozen, souls a flame

The strongest herbs cannot dull my pain

It has been a few winters since I’ve seen your face

But I close my eyes and your portrait remains I feel lost, a satellite floating aimlessly in space

Lonely in the dark world and endless place

The burdens I bare through my expressions are ominous

I try to conceal it but my tears are obvious

Oblivious I’ve become to the world around me

Never have I thought the sound of silence could be so resounding

In this silence though your memories excite me

My heart begins to thaw like spring has bloomed inside me

I have been awaken and have overcome my strife

I have accepted your death; now shall celebrate your life

In the end our stay on earth is brief

It would be a tragedy to leave this world in grief

So I’ve doused the flames giving rebirth to me soul

And will love to lights lost every heart that I hold. 


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