Nice Eyes !

Equipped with watercolor pencils Dino Tomic draws realistic portraits . Dino is a fantastic artist but he actually has a tattoo studio in addition to being an airbrush artist. All out of his own studio in Norway. (Link below) I Love when an indivigual is capable of many art forms. Check out his studio below and check his Deviant art linked in his name. Nice work Dino !

atomic-circus-02 atomic-circus-03 atomic-circus-04 atomic-circus-05


Great work displayed here. Stroke Work. Poetry. Divine.

 Necessity brings him here, not pleasure. “Dante Alighieri, The Inferno, Canto XII, line 87”


Lip Service

Most artists dont use a lot of ” Mouth ” to express their artistic abilities. Unlike, Laura Jenkinson who has drawn very well known characters straight on her face with those pearly whites. If she has green eyes i bet she cute. Nice Style. What do you think of this creativity?


Art Is alive there is no doubt. It comes from deep inside our hearts, our souls, and sometimes places that are unexplained. I have come to learn that it goes beyond anything i even imagined the limits of the word “ART” actually being. Take a pile of rocks but arrange them a certain way and you have created something that triggers intelligence to say… Brilliant.  

BTW… This Brilliance is better demonstrated here by the styles of one Alexa Meade.  She incorporates live subjects to her paintings. Almost looks like Oil Camouflage. She uses acrylic oil paint and applies them to surfaces of people or objects.She also paints the backgrounds and walls in a similar fashion. This Young Artist is innovative and inspiring and never be afraid to ” Color outside the lines ” so to speak…