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RIP Don Cornelius 


We Write To Live and Express, Eric And Salaczar Combine Forces… Poetry Hour. (PART 2)

Two More Poems, One By Myself and One My Mr. Eric..

 ” My way is lost “

Lost, the bread crumbs have vanished. They were consumed by greed. No longer famished in the darkness I venture, eyes fixed on a needle of light that never seems to grow in intensity or  immensity.

I become wrapped in the dark density, a dullness of all senses. Becoming more hesitant with each step my environment seems to be a polar opposite. My heart goes on defense and I am quite veracious in my design. 

Still blind I walk forth unaware what lies in the  envelope of darkness. What if I am bested? tested? Corrected , cemented in place to relive my darkest moments every time to suit a pubic service. If i am faced with the choice to have no more faith in myself but faith in my fellow man. would i ever find light again?


Life’s a perpetual perplexity of violence which carries the very essence of human reliance on the compliance or standard of society for material dominance and social alliance.

Everyone strives to be the “lions amongst men,” deny this and you’re a liar denying common sense. But what happens when the men drastically outnumber the lions? Hence the 99 vs. the 1 percent.

No one is to blame but the system itself. Wealth can be acquired as easily as a life of good health. Is this not the very definition of the “American Dream?” Or has the dream been shattered by the American bourgeoisie?

One would like to think otherwise, but it is hard to visualize the system being equal through the individual proletarian’s eyes.

When the bourgeoisie control what we read, control what we consume, and control what we see, how can anyone come to believe they have an equal opportunity to make it, to succeed?

Once upon a time humans worked together to better society as a whole or was that just a misguided dream brought upon by Socrates creed? Greed has since taken control; humans indulge with an appetite as deep as a black hole.  

One can never be full, can never be satisfied, we hoard more than we need while our neighbor struggles to survive. But that’s nobody’s fault, but of his own. It’s his fault his jobs now in India and his home, foreclosed. He’s now just a common beggar, a lazy slum of society; he should have worked harder or maybe practically for free.

The gap should be closed as many philosophers have warned there might come a time when the “stinging drone” is adored. This isn’t a call for revolution but there might be one in time if the gap keeps increasing between the 1 and 99.   


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We Write To Live and Express, Eric And Salaczar Combine Forces… Poetry Hour.

I have been a lyricist now for a long time but i started writing poetry at a very young age. I was always inspired by the way words were used in many forms of poetry. A friend of mine who i highly respect sent me a piece of his work, and i sent him mine. I Share with you these now..



 “This Green” by Juan Salaczar

It was dusk out. The sun had gone into hiding. I at first didnt notice the shade of green. The color which barley looked blue a few days ago. Now i am caught like a blade of grass in a hurricanes path. I am sent in a direction at extreme velocity and honestly, I became lethal.Aiming at hearts with percision reguadless of the reactions of the meager crowd. Am i allowed? This fire placed on my heart embers enacted a even stronger reaction. A clear vision of happiness that felt better than the present position. Yet be weary, beauty can be a lie or a truth depending on the circumstance. Even if you Fail, you will always want a 2nd chance. Blinded again by my dreams, i see the color green and hope it can take away all this blue or maybe make me a new. I would not have predicted being jaded or green with envy. I never added it to my color palette or at least i did not aspire to. Smearing all the colors together i became lost in this swirl. How could i have been So wrong. The Green on the day of dusk has lost its glitter and almost has become bitter, helplessness, spine tingling shivers. A message clear as day because the sun is no longer hiding. Will i follow it? My Chances are 50/50 not exactly black or white. The Strength of my mind versus the strength of my knees, always a question when i See Eyes This Green.


“FEAR” By Eric Willetts

Fear must be cherished, coupled with the soul,
For if fear doesn’t exist within, than the soul shall have become deceased,
Even the most fearless fret not the experiences of the known, but yet the unknown 
brings uneasy angst,
The anxiety, however discomforting, is welcomed like the first spring bloom,
Sweat beads, thawing the skin inducing chills rising microscopic mountains on the surface,
The heart palpitates, adrenaline erupts, never has life been so consequently evident,
This feeling cannot be experienced by some artificial remedy, no concoction can compare,
Life is to fear as fear is to LIVE,
Simply the greatest reckoning of human existence,

Fear on.

The Kush Band You Love!!

Royal Kush

Royal Kush is a 3 piece Hip Hop/Reggae/Blues band from Cape Breton Island. Jim Melvin(lead vocals/guitar) formerly of Ventpipe Funk, Nokes(rapper/bass) formerly of Sick Kookies and Jesse MacInnis(drums) formerly of Thats Outta Control.
Nokes and Jim Melvin linked up in 2007 for Jim’s appearance on Sick Kookies track “Looky Looky”.  After recording, having few beers and a long chat about similar influences, the two toyed with the idea of someday making a rap album with a band instead of beats. After Sick Kookies disbanded in late 2008, Jim and Nokes got together on a song Jim wrote and composed called “Dig”.  They then started recording an album and eventually began jamming with Jesse MacInnis to enhance their sound.With a great foundation the crew hopes to be able to reach as many ears as possible in 2011.  The album is coming soon, the EP is on iTunes and the ” How We Roll ” Mixtape is available at shows!

Jim Melvin – Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Nokes –

Raps/Bass -Jesse MacInnis –

Drums/Spoons –

Discography Royal Kush EP is available on iTunes.

(2010) Mixtapes:  Nokes Hand to Hand  (2009) How We Roll  (2010)

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