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The Dirty Heads is a Reggae rock band from Southern California with a melodic style that includes hip hop and punk genres. Their debut album, Any Port in a Storm, was released on September 23, 2008, by Executive Music Group (Fontana/Universal).
The band was founded in 1996 by Jared “Dirty J” Watson and vocalist/guitarist Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell in Orange County, CA. The two first met at a party during their freshman year of high school. Upon hearing one of Bushnell’s rap demo tapes, Watson became inspired to collaborate with him on a new project. At the time Bushnell was already in a punk rock band, while Watson had no previous music experience. In Bushnell’s garage, the two began writing hip-hop songs with reggae and punk influences. The band’s name comes from an occasion where the two were stealing a 12-pack of beer, and someone shouted at them “Come here you little dirty heads!”

I Have personally watched a Live Set And I Thought A HUGE majority Of Their Tracks Were DOPE… Check them out if you like that type of music.. you will REALLY Like..

The Kush Band You Love!!

Royal Kush

Royal Kush is a 3 piece Hip Hop/Reggae/Blues band from Cape Breton Island. Jim Melvin(lead vocals/guitar) formerly of Ventpipe Funk, Nokes(rapper/bass) formerly of Sick Kookies and Jesse MacInnis(drums) formerly of Thats Outta Control.
Nokes and Jim Melvin linked up in 2007 for Jim’s appearance on Sick Kookies track “Looky Looky”.  After recording, having few beers and a long chat about similar influences, the two toyed with the idea of someday making a rap album with a band instead of beats. After Sick Kookies disbanded in late 2008, Jim and Nokes got together on a song Jim wrote and composed called “Dig”.  They then started recording an album and eventually began jamming with Jesse MacInnis to enhance their sound.With a great foundation the crew hopes to be able to reach as many ears as possible in 2011.  The album is coming soon, the EP is on iTunes and the ” How We Roll ” Mixtape is available at shows!

Jim Melvin – Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter Nokes –

Raps/Bass -Jesse MacInnis –

Drums/Spoons –

Discography Royal Kush EP is available on iTunes.

(2010) Mixtapes:  Nokes Hand to Hand  (2009) How We Roll  (2010)

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